Integrity Chef was founded in July 2017 by Joel Kim (above).  The company was born out of a passion for high quality cookware and more importantly, helping children in third world nations.  Integrity Chef prides itself on selling only the best kitchenware and donates a portion of its proceeds to cure children in third world countries from deadly waterborne parasites and to rescue victims of child trafficking.  As of today, over 33,000 children have been saved thanks to amazing members of the Integrity Chef family! 

Joel grew up as a son of a missionary family and spent most of his childhood years in Uganda and Thailand.  Seeing the desperate needs of people around him and the destitute living conditions, he was determined at a very young age to one day, use his skills, talents, and resources to help children in third world countries.  He spent most of his life hopping from country to country living and learning the culture, language, and lifestyle of the local people in each region eventually arriving in the United States in 2001. Even after graduating from USC with a BS in Accounting and becoming an established CPA, he never forgot his childhood ambition.

A few years later and after many months of deliberation, Joel finally quit his successful 7 year career in accounting to pursue his lifelong goal by founding Integrity Chef in July 2017.  Through Integrity Chef, Joel has partnered with World Concern to provide medicinal cures for children in third world countries who lack access to clean drinking water.  Integrity Chef continues to rescue thousands of victims of child trafficking in third world countries by helping one child at a time.